1990 Honda Accord Driven Over 1 Million Miles

May 25th, 2016 by

2016 Honda Accord SedanThe 2016 Honda Accord is in stock at Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake, and you’d better get started if you want to catch up to the newest Honda Accord record here in Elgin, IL. In New Jersey a man traded in a Honda Accord that had over 1 million miles on the odometer. Of course, since the odometer only has six digits on it, it flipped over, and started over from 0 – it now reads 373 miles. For some context, that’s the equivalent of driving around the world 40 times.

Accord Hits 1 Millions Miles in New Jersey

The New Jersey Honda dealer says that they won’t be selling this special 1990 Honda Accord on the used lot – it will go on display. They’ll treat the well-traveled Accord like a museum piece, with some special signage to point out its significance. Apparently this 26 year old Accord had its regular maintenance conducted by the dealership, with an oil change every 3,000 miles. For reference, that’s 333 oil changes. Another point of note is that to hit 1 million miles in 26 years, you would have to drive the car about 35,000 miles per year – or around three times what the average driver manages.

This is actually not the first ever Honda Accord to make it over 1 million miles. A driver in Maine named Joe LoCicero took care of another 1990 Honda Accord for 23 years and managed to hit a million miles – a feat that required driving 43,500 miles per year. This Accord, nicknamed True Blue, hit the road for a cross-country road trip to celebrate the one million milestone – and Honda honored him with the keys to a brand new Accord back in 2011.

According to Honda spokesperson Chris Martin, there’s actually another million mile Accord in Ohio. If anything, the fact that three different Accord models managed to make it past a million miles is a testament to the longevity and reliability of the Honda brand.

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