Blame your lack of sleep on the debut of the all-new Honda Civic

April 3rd, 2015 by

We could come up with some kind of powerful, eloquent introduction, but we know you just want to get straight to the video, so allow our team at Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake to quickly introduce a new vehicle that really needs no introduction: the all-new Honda Civic.

First revealed this past Wednesday at the New York Auto Show, this tenth generation Honda Civic has kept us up the last few nights. Just look at it- it’s everything we’ve ever wanted the Honda Civic to be. It’s modern, sporty and edgy- it’s powerful, efficient, and dominant in looks and under the hood. Guy Melville-Brown, who led the U.S. design team, says the new Honda Civic is the “most charismatic, most ambitious and most fun-to-drive and sportiest Civic we’ve ever made.”

We promise to keep you updated here on our blog as we learn more!

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