Honda Brews Up Fun Commercial Starring NSX Concept

October 14th, 2013 by

If you stop in to Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake and fancy a cup of tea as you check out the models in our showroom, we’d be happy to fetch one for you. We normally use the standard method of boiling water; either on an electric kettle, or a hot water setting on the water cooler, but Honda has come up with a very cool way they can do it.

Using its high-end NSX Concept racer, Honda decided to show off just how powerful the vehicle, which uses a supercharged hybrid racing system can be. They rigged the bold, and head-turning ride up to a stationary mechanism, and let the engine roar as they put the pedal to the metal. Meanwhile, the vehicle has many wires coming out of its electric motors, which are attached to a lineup of hot plates and electric kettles, all of which begin to boil and shake at the raw power the NSX Concept  possesses.

It’s quite cool, and you should check it out:

This concept will likely debut on the racing scene soon, doing some touring and endurance races, and hopefully racking up a lot of victories. We won’t be seeing it in our Crystal Lake, ILshowroom as a model, but the technology applied to it certainly might make its way on to new Honda models in the future.

That’s because the automaker is committed to providing the highest quality, efficient, and dynamic offerings possible, and you can find many here at Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake.

We’d be happy to discuss each one with you, answer any questions you might have, and arrange test drives at your convenience.

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