Honda Releases new iPhone-Friendly Navigation System

December 5th, 2013 by

Here at Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake, we know that there are a lot of drivers out there who know the frustrations of a built-in navigation system that is out of date. Many car owners that have navigation systems built into the dashboard of their vehicles don’t get the software updated. That can lead to your system giving you bad directions or driving you into the middle of nowhere on an old dirt road that doesn’t exist anymore. Many of those who find themselves in these situations just resort to using the navigation programs on their smartphones to guide them when they are behind the wheel, and that is a habit that Honda is out to break.

Every moment you spend looking at the screen of your smartphone, is time not spent looking at the road ahead. To solve this problem, our favorite Japanese automaker is introducing the HondaLink app.

This new system will be available in the new 2014 Civic and several others coming down the pike. Users will have to own an iPhone 5 or above to use this program, and it requires you to plug the phone directly into the HDMI/USB ports in the car. From there, drivers can use the Civic’s built-in 7-inch touchscreen to control the navigation system on the phone.

There are already plans to spread this technology to the upcoming Honda Fit as well as to Android phones with wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

If you would like to learn more about the HondaLink App, or any of the other new technologies being incorporated into the current lineup of new Honda vehicles, then please take the time to visit us at the Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake showroom. Located at 680 West Terra Cotta Crystal Lake, IL, we are the area’s source for new and used Honda CR-V models.

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