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    2022 Honda Pilot Sport SUV
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  • 2023 Honda Odyssey Sport Van
    2023 Honda Odyssey Sport Van
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    2022 Honda CR-V EX SUV
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Used Car Deals in Crystal Lake, IL


You're already aware that you can save money with a quality pre-owned car, truck or SUV at Brilliance Honda in Crystal Lake, IL. These cars are in excellent condition with good prospects for many more miles to come, yet they cost substantially less than a comparable new vehicle. How would you like additional savings as well? That's what we offer with our "Pre-Owned Vehicle Specials." Vehicles like these are worth the short drive from Schaumburg, IL.

Outstanding used Honda models and much more

At Brilliance Honda, we always take pride in offering pre-owned Honda models with all the economy, reliability and style Honda is famous for. But in our used inventory, we're also happy to offer an outstanding variety of pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs from all major carmakers. Whether you want a vehicle known for luxury or one that offers rugged off-road performance or any other quality, we probably have it in stock.

One reason to consider our excellent used cars: Excellent pricing

A well-maintained pre-owned vehicle at Brilliance Honda can be one of the best automotive investments you can make. As you may have heard, some brand-new vehicles can lose much of their initial value - sometimes as much as 25% - the moment they're driven off a dealer's lot. The vehicles featured here include that immediate discount, so they represent an exceptional value for buyers from Elgin to Barrington, IL.

A good used vehicle can provide newer features at a lower price

Let's take the example of a used luxury car at Brilliance Honda. In many cases, carmakers introduce some of their most advanced tech and other special features on top-end luxury models. Those features can then remain relatively unchanged over subsequent model years, so you often get some of the newer technology and luxury features you'd find on a brand-new model, available in a pre-owned model at a more attractive price. 

Today's cars are made to last longer, so used cars are an even better deal

According to automotive experts at Car & Driver, vehicles built in the current era have a longer life expectancy than vehicles made just a few decades ago. That's partly because carmakers are using more durable parts than they used in the past. The Bureau of Transportation reports that the average car on the road is now up to 11 years old, a higher figure than before, so a well-maintained used car can be an even better investment than in the past.

A good used car can save on insurance and other costs

When you buy a used car, truck or SUV anywhere around St Charles or Libertyville IL, the replacement cost is obviously less than a new model. That's a key reason your insurance rates will be lower than what you'd pay for a new car. Because the selling price is lower, so is the cost of sales tax and vehicle registration fees. Even car repairs can cost less, since the newest cars often come with the newest tech, which can be more expensive to repair.

Keep visiting this page to maximize your savings on a used car, truck or SUV

We often revise our used vehicle specials as used cars are sold and our inventory changes. That's a great reason to frequently check this page to find deals on pre-owned vehicles that were already value-priced to begin with. Browse today's specials and continue checking here until you find the car, and the exceptional price, that you're looking for. Then schedule a test drive soon at Brilliance Honda in Crystal Lake, IL.