What is HondaLink?

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HondaLink connects your smartphone and your Honda vehicle like never before. Enjoy the following features:

  • Directions back to your parked car
  • Service appointment scheduling
  • Easy access to your owner’s manual
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

Read on to learn more about these high tech systems.

More HondaLink Advantages

The newest generation of HondaLink technology links your phone to your vehicle in many unexpected ways:

  • Notifications – Monitor your warning lights and stay on top of routine maintenance.
  • Navigation – If your Honda vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, this allows you to easily input destinations. You can even save favorite destinations for places you frequently travel.
  • Accident Notification – If a collision is detected, a response agent can notify the proper authorities and get help to the scene quickly.
  • Roadside Assistance – Connect directly with towing and repair services.
  • Remote Start – On cold Chicagoland mornings, step into a warm vehicle thanks to remote ignition.
  • Security Alarm – If your vehicle alarm is activated, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance – This feature gives the authorities a helping hand in finding your vehicle.

These systems are available in different tier levels and with different models, so get in touch with Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake to make sure it’s included with your next Honda.

HondaLink Compatibility

The following packages are included with the corresponding 2018 Honda models:

  • 2018 Odyssey – Basic, Link, Security, Remote, Concierge
  • 2018 Civic (Coupe, Sedan, Si Coupe, Si Sedan, Type R) – Basic, Link
  • 2018 Accord Sedan – Basic, Link, Security, Remote, Concierge
  • 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid – Basic, Link
  • 2018 CR-V – Basic, Link
  • 2018 Fit – Basic
  • 2018 HR-V – Basic, Link
  • 2018 Ridgeline – Basic, Link

To find out more about these packages, visit Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake today.

Enjoy Modern Tech in Barrington Today

To try out the latest in tech features for yourself, visit Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake’s showroom at 680 W. Terra Cotta Ave. We offer a wide variety of new models to choose from, and our sales associates are happy to walk you through how to access all of HondaLink’s features. Before you arrive, be sure to apply for financing, or schedule a test drive to see how a new Honda can keep you connected out on the streets and highways of Chicago.

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